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What is the Science behind your Treats?

We needed a truly sugar free, low carb treat for an older lesson horse who, like many older horses, has Cushings. So we decided to create our own. Our first recipe was analyzed, and it contained a higher Omega-6 fatty acid profile and lower Omega-3 profile than we wanted. A diet high in Omega-6 can produce an inflammatory response which can lead to increased Cortisol production; not ideal for a horse with Cushings. We needed to do more research into how the horse's body breaks down various compounds during metabolism. Graduate work in Equine Nutrition was starting to pay off. After years of experimenting, analyzing and taste testing, Barn Bites Sugar Free Horse Treats are now high in Omega-3 fatty acids, extremely low in starch, and have absolutely no added sugar. In other words, a healthy treat for your horse. Even horses without metabolic issues love them!

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Why Sugar Free?

Many older horses have Cushings. Other "Low Sugar" or "No Sugar Added " treats contain Molasses or dried Cane Syrup. Molasses typically contains 15 grams of sugar per tablespoon. Agave Nectar contains 4.7 grams of sugar per teaspoon. Dried Cane Syrup is just that: syrup from sugar cane that has been dried. Both contain sucrose, a non structural carbohydrate and a major cause of metabolic problems in horses.

What's in them?

Barn Bites Sugar Free Horse Treats contain ground flax seed, flax oil, (sources of Omega-3 fatty acids), ground chia seeds (more Omega-3, protein, anti-oxidants, fiber), ground cinnamon (no wonder they smell good), vanilla flavoring and stevia (for a little sweetness).

Why are Omega-3s so important?

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids, meaning they are not produced by the body.Therefore they must be consumed in the diet. Research in humans and other animals has shown that the consumption Omega-3s yeilds many positive effects, some of which are included in the followiing list:

· Healthy skin and hair
· Healthy hooves
· Decreased arthritic pain
· Decreased inflamation
· Healthier immune system

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